Man found dead on East Coast road

The body of 43-year-old Curtis McGarrel of Mahaicony, was found by a passer-by on the Ross Public Road, East Coast Demerara around 2.40 am yesterday.

Police say that McGarrel’s body bore a wound on the forehead but it was unclear how he died.

Family members told Stabroek News that McGarrel, a labourer, of Cottage, Mahaicony was a peaceful and quiet person.

According to his nephew Neil Lynton, McGarrel had no enemies and based upon what he saw at the site where McGarrel’s body was discovered, it seems he could have been in a hit-and-run accident. Lynton was of the view that McGarrel was waiting for a minibus, since when he was found he still had $120 in his hand, which was probably his bus fare.

A family member said that McGarrel had left his home around 6 pm on Friday wearing his house clothes. Lynton said that his uncle was not dressed the way he normally would for a night out, although the family was told that he had been seen later that evening at a bar in central Mahaicony drinking with a few persons.

When asked whether the family knew the identity of any of them, Lynton replied that his uncle had no friends and would socialize with just about anyone. McGarrel who had no children would normally go out every weekend as soon as he received his weekly wages, Lynton said, and when his uncle did not return home around his usual time of midnight, he got worried.

Lynton said that he received a call around 3 am on Saturday informing him of his uncle’s death.

The police are currently investigating.

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