CJIA fires three staff for soliciting from passengers

Three employees were sacked over the past two weeks from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri after they were found to be soliciting money from passengers while on duty.

A release from the airport today said that this is in keeping with the airport’s zero-tolerance of such acts.

Chief Executive Officer of CJIA, Ramesh Ghir said that under CJIA’s rulebook, stealing and soliciting passengers for money are serious offences.

“It is my hope that others, who are tempted to bend the rules will see that we mean business. CJIA will not condone such gross dishonesty,” he declared in the press release.

Passengers are being urged to demand receipts for payments made at check-in, and encouraged to report all requests for money or bribery by staff of the airport.

The release said that passengers should also note that there is no additional charge for carrying frozen or cooked foods in their baggage, unless they are overweight.

CJIA is advising passengers to report any misconduct of its staff to the Supervisors or Managers of the respective Airlines or the Airport Duty Office (ADO) on telephone numbers 592-261-2261/600-7022.

Meanwhile, the release said that Caribbean Airlines Airport Manager, Carl Stuart, commended CJIA’s management for taking such action. “Actually we support and respect any initiative put in place to improve the customer experience.”

He added that CAL has a strict policy for monetary transactions. There is a designated agent for that purpose, and signage advising passengers to collect receipts are visible.

Apart from the ticketing desk, the Departure Tax Office, Red Cap Porters and Secure Wrapping Service are the only other areas where money should be exchanged, the release said.




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