In a news item, headlined ‘Avoid scaremongering over CFATF finding – anti-money laundering specialist, Ram and McRae,’ carried on page three in last Saturday’s edition, Stabroek News incorrectly attributed the following quote to Toussant Boyce: “There will be effects, but the scaremongering going on is unfounded.”

The quote by Mr Boyce was as follows: “Going about with this wide sort of scaremongering, like the sky is going to fall, is not really helpful. Neither is it appropriate or ethical to suggest that nothing is going to happen. Something is going to happen…” He prefaced the quote by addressing what measures lawyers in Trinidad may now have to take in any transactions with their counterparts here and then made the point that the countermeasures that might be applied to Guyana would depend on the circumstance, entity, country and type of transaction.

Stabroek News regrets the error and any inconvenience caused to Mr Boyce.




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