High pressure system over Bermuda seen behind heavy rain – Ministry

The following statement was received from the Ministry of Agriculture today:

“The Hydrometeorological Office has reported a high pressure system over the Bermuda which was dominant and forced the intertropical Convergence Zone to shift from its last position, to about 6 degrees North of the equator bringing it directly over Guyana’s Coast.

“As a result, the heavy downpour caused accumulation of water in parts of Regions 2, 3 and 4. This 6 hour rainfall of 128.9mm or 5.1 inches which was recorded at the Botanical Gardens was the highest recorded data analysized for Georgetown  since 1892.

“The weather forecast up to midnight last night didn’t indicate or provide any warning of the weather condition experienced. This morning’s rainfall had an intensity of 21.5mm per hour, compared to 6.9mm per hour in 2005 and 5.9mm per hour in 2004.

“Cloudy conditions are expected to continue over the next 6-12 hours. The heaviest rainfall is expected to be over Regions 2 and 4 recording between 50 and 100mm. Flash flood warning remains in effect for flood prone areas along the Coast.

Drainage and Irrigation intervention

“The NDIA has also reported that while there are flooding in parts of Region 2, 3, the city and its outskirts; East Coast Demerara is however, not significantly affected.

“While the Ministry of Agriculture continues to monitor the situation, the NDIA has been mandated to remove two excavators from the Hope Canal Project which will be used to clear priority outfall channels. The first outfall to be cleared will be Cottage, Mahaicony, Region Five.

“The Pumps at Liliendaal and Kitty are operable but are intermittent based on water levels in reservoir.

“Presently, the pumps at Kingston (forestry), and Lamaha Canal are  non-functional and the Council has since made a requested for NDIA to assist in ensuring these become operable.

“The Ministry of Agriculture and its agencies (NDIA & Hydromet) will continue to monitor the situation and will issue advisory where necessary. ”


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