Two fined, one on bail over seawall noise nuisance

A night of revelry resulted in two men being fined for noise nuisance and a third man being placed on $20,000 bail yesterday.

It is alleged that on December 1, Devon Williams, Shawn Levans, and Wendell Baird were at the Seawall Road, between Camp Street and Vlissengen Road, when they operated a domestic music system. Their music, it was reported, was so loud and continuous it caused nuisance to those in the area.  Baird, it is alleged, did not have a music permit but operated an alcoholic establishment. Prosecutor Renetta Bentham further stated that Baird permitted Levans, 31, and Williams, 25, to operate the stereo system.

Initially, all three of the men pleaded guilty to the charge after it was read to each of them in turn at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. However, after an explanation was given by Baird on the circumstances surrounding the incident, a plea of not guilty was entered on his behalf. Baird, of 221 Lamaha Street, Kitty, said that on the day in question, the music system that he was operating was turned in the opposite direction of those who complained; that is, it was turned towards the sea. With the bass settings on the system, there was no way that the music could’ve possibly affected the complainants, he said. He added that there was another music system being operated nearby and he said that this system was turned in the direction of the complainants and perhaps that had been the cause of their annoyance. Baird said that if he had known that his music was disturbing anyone, he would have immediately turned it off.

The businessman was subsequently placed on $20,000 bail while his counterparts were each fined $10,000 with an alternative of seven days in prison. Baird is to return to court on December 10, when the proceedings are scheduled to continue.

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