T&T teen killed running from bandits

(Trinidad Express) Saif Khan was knocked down and killed on Wednesday night as he tried to run across Eastern Main Road in St Augustine in an attempt to flee from bandits.

Khan was 18 years old.

According to police reports, Khan was on his way home from work around 10 p.m. when he was approached by two bandits. Khan had already crossed the Eastern Main Road and the Priority Bus Route.

In an attempt to evade the bandits, Khan opted to return to his workplace for safety, police said.

Khan worked as a grocery attendant at Hi-Lo Food Stores in St Augustine.

He managed to successfully cross the Priority Bus Route but was knocked down when he attempted to cross Eastern Main Road.

He died on the spot, while the bandits ran away.

Khan’s funeral service was held yesterday in a room on the compound of the Trinidad Muslim League in St Joseph.

Hundreds of people attended Khan’s final rites.

“He (Khan) was humble and courteous and why did the almighty Allah choose to recall such a noble soul to the great beyond?” the Imam said.

“But as we read in the Qu’ran, from Allah we come and to Him we must return and we all know that we are here for a fixed period of time, and the end of that period is determined solely by Allah.”

The Imam said we must accept Allah’s will.

“We will never be able to understand the divine wisdom of Allah but we have to accept it.”

He called on Khan’s family to keep their faith in the midst of what may be a trying situation.

The Imam said Khan’s death was a loss to the entire Muslim community.

Police investigations are continuing into Khan’s death.


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