Jamaica opposition leader: Not much has changed for workers since abolition of slavery

(Jamaica Gleaner) Jamaica Labour Party leader Andrew Holness has declared that more than 100 years since the abolition of slavery, nothing much has changed for Jamaican workers.

He made the remarks yesterday, while speaking at a church service in Clarendon to mark the JLP’s 70th anniversary and the 75th year since the establishment of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, BITU.

Holness has lauded Former Prime Minister, Alexander Bustamante, the founder of both institutions.

However, he has criticised the governing People’s National Party over the impact of price increase on working class Jamaicans and says his party is working to establish a balanced society in which there is compensation for ability and productivity.

He said the JLP is the party of choice for Jamaica and its peoples, based on it records of service from securing Jamaica’s independence and setting a course for national development.

The JLP and the BITU have planned a week of celebrations to mark their milestones.

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