Sixteen-year-old T&T pupil among three gunned down

(Trinidad Express) A revenge attack was blocked by the police on Wednesday, about an hour after a Laventille schoolboy was murdered while walking out of a trade school on the first day of school.

The group of about six men had items that looked like weapons stuffed in their front pockets and were attempting to run into the Beetham Gardens when they were chased back into the hills by a team of heavily armed police officers who were on the scene of the murder in Laventille.

The police also arrested two men from Beetham Gardens for the murder.

“Allyuh see how it does be, eh?” said one senior officer to the Express.

The murder victim is Kazim Maxine, aged 16.

He lived with his father and mother in Eastern Quarry, Laventille, and his home overlooked the Laventille Technology and Continuing Education Centre which he attended, off the Eastern Main Road, Laventille, near to the Citrus Growers Association.

According to Maxine’s father, Peter Maxine, Wednesday was his son’s first day at the trade school.

He said his son was an electrical installation pupil at his last school, Russell Latapy High School in Morvant, and it was a field he was interested in. He said his son got into “some trouble” a while ago although he did not want to mention what this trouble was; it was the boy’s mother, Maria Maxine, who decided he had to go to the trade school to keep out of trouble.

Around 2 p.m. while Maxine and another friend were walking out the school, they were approached by two men who police said were walking from Beetham Gardens. One of the men had an automatic pistol while the other had a 9 mm.




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