Many of us never expected to be recipients of old age pension

Dear Editor,
In yesterday’s SN page 16, the Honourable Minister of Human Services during the budget debate is reported as saying “increases may warrant government devising some mechanism of verifying the need and income levels”. What is not too clear is whether this comment is specifically related to the impending increase or the total pension.

However whichever amendment is intended I wish to make it clear that many of us never expected to be recipients of this handout. We worked hard for our particular organization/government with a hope that come retirement our pension and assets including savings acquired through sacrifice would have been sufficient to enjoy a comfortable life. Unfortunately came the devaluation of the Guyana dollar and our savings were wiped out. Our salaries and pensions were not indexed to inflation. We ignored through pride the paltry sum of Old Age Pension paid by the previous administration. One was ashamed to be seen in any line outside the Post Office for that sum of money. It is our house which we still own despite the high maintenance cost we keep to will to our family.
Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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