Reepu Daman Persaud was a gentleman and patriot

Dear Editor,

I learnt with great sadness of the death of Pandit Reepu Daman Persaud.

In spite of us being on different sides of Guyana’s political divide, I recall Reepu as a gentleman and a patriot in every sense of those words. During our debates in Parliament in the halcyon days, it was a source of stimulation to debate with Reep and the late Boysie Ramkarran.

My acquaintance with Reepu goes back to the late 1950s when we were both young, eager political enthusiasts, he for the PPP and I for the PNC, yet in spite of the political turmoil, we retained throughout the years cordiality and mutual respect ‒ indeed a splendid relationship.

As a Pandit, Reepu personified the essence of his beliefs and shared them with every generation.

I last spoke with Reepu at the Phagwah celebrations on March 27, 2013 when he sat next to me and briefly shared pleasantries and excitement about the good old days.

On behalf of my family and colleagues, I tender my sincere condolences to the family and Party and know we share the loss of an illustrious son and fighter for the cause and things he believed in.

Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green, J.P.

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