What is the real story of the Marriott?

Dear Editor,

At the Wedding Expo 2013 I heard Captain Gerald Gouveia report on the Marriott Hotel as a mark of progress. Later in the presence of  President Donald Ramotar, Mayor Green, while pointing to the north and west of where we were in obvious reference to the Marriott, said it was an abomination.

Recently in Parliament Dr Rupert Roopnaraine lamented that it appeared foreigners are taking over our country and robbing us of our natural resources.

The government stands guilty, and for starters we’ve heard it defend the bringing in of 100% Chinese workers to build the Marriott. I am aware that ever since the government denied a Guyanese, Eddy Grant the use of the area where the Luckhoo Swimming Pool was, it knew that a large hold was on the area.

Any caring government would have years ago put in place the appropriate training programme to allow Guyanese men and women to acquire necessary skills.

I’ll like the government to answer the question of what the real story of the Marriott is.

Yours faithfully,
Eric Mosley

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