No independent newspapers available in government ministries

Dear Editor,

Over the past few days I had cause to visit government offices, the last was on Thursday, May 2, that of the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development in Kingston. While waiting to meet with the Minister I asked to borrow their daily newspapers. A member of staff advised me that only the Guyana Times and Chronicle newspapers are available in that ministry.  This was also the case in the other ministry.  It is no secret that the Chronicle is state controlled, and the Guyana Times is owned by Dr Bobby Ramroop who has been the beneficiary of quite a bit and is the friend of Mr Jagdeo.

Now here you have the lowest point of freedom and democracy, when government employees and visitors to government offices can only see and read the Guyana Times and Chronicle, both unapologetically aligned to the PPP/Civic government. Some sense of fair play should suggest that at least one of the independent newspapers be purchased by state agencies.

Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green

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