The Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club deserves a Medal of Service

Dear Editor,
I had the greatest privilege on Sunday last to attend the annual awards ceremony of the RHTY&SC at the fantastic and beautiful St Francis Community Developers building as I accompanied a friend who was to be honoured as a retired teacher. Over the years, I had observed via the daily newspapers and the nightly Berbice newscast, the work of the club and was very impressed by the humungous amount of activities of the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club.

It was always my desire to be part of an activity of the club to get acquainted with its executives and find out how it was humanly possible to do so much work for youths and those in need. As I sat through the three-hour programme, I could not help but marvel at the hard work, team unity and discipline under the supervision of the club’s secretary/CEO. The programme was well organised and flowed like clockwork, while everyone present wondered at the outstanding work the club was doing. Apart from producing some of Guyana’s leading cricketers, the RHTYSC has been doing a remarkable job of changing and touching the lives of thousands and deserves a standing ovation from each one of us.

As we left the building, we offered our congratulations to some of the club’s executives who committed themselves to not only maintaining the high standard but raising the bar even higher in the future. The young cricketers were not only very disciplined and well groomed but seemed to talk with pride at being members of a club which has had a positive effect on their young lives.

Editor, every cricket club in Guyana should make an organised trip to the RHTYSC and its parent body, the St Francis Developers and learn from them how to get things done. The same advice should also be given to the Essequibo, East Coast, Georgetown, Demerara and yes, the Guyana Cricket Board. It is a huge shame that the illegal cricket board at the national level would try to deny he RHTYSC the opportunity to host a cricket tournament in Berbice.

In closing, I would like to personally appeal to President Ramotar that at the next announcement of the national awards the names of the RHTYSC and the person/s responsible for its unmatched achievement be there. In the words of the club’s CEO/Secetary, no other youth and sports club in Guyana has done so much for youth, the elderly and less fortunate. The RHTYSC is a household name in Guyana and surely deserves a Medal of Service.

Yours faithfully,
Ariana Singh

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