SN should not have published letter criticizing Stella Ramsaroop

Dear Editor,

I am very disheartened that Stabroek News printed a letter intended to be a very personal attack on my wife Stella Ramsaroop. The letter was written for the readers of the Guyana Chronicle and should not have been printed by this newspaper.  In addition, I’m sure it was written by a pen name versus a real person who can be verified.

Over the past years, Stella has made a significant impact on women’s issues in Guyana.  The elections prior to Stella’s column contained very minimal or no mention of the issues facing the women of Guyana.  In contrast, in this past election, it was one of the top issues, at least in discussion, discussed by the parties contesting the general elections.

I will not take the time to address the points of this letter as it reads as a very personal attack on her and the points have no merit or basis in reality.  However, I for one appreciate what Stella has done for my country.  She has no reason to spend so much of her energy, time and her money on trying to improve the situation our sisters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers face on a daily basis other than the fact that she’s married to a Guyanese and has developed a love for his country.

The voices of the very small minority who are intent on silencing her and demonstrate a level of ungratefulness that is a curse to humanity’s evolution should not be encouraged by credible sources.  I stand with the majority of Guyanese who understand that the situation for the women of Guyana needs to change and I support Stella and all the other women’s advocates who give so much of their lives to this issue.Let’s all stand for the continued development and protection of women’s rights in Guyana and throughout the world.  Our sisters need our help.  I support my wife 100% in her endeavours and hope she continues to be a leader in this struggle.

Yours faithfully,
Paul Ramsaroop

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