Benn for Home Affairs Minister

Dear Editor,

Hats off to Mr Robson Benn for taking a no nonsense approach concerning the dirty garbage situation on our beautiful seawall, and the strong stale smell of urine the morning after the lime.

I am not against the lime but if this is what it takes for the cleanliness of the seawall then so be it.  Even if enough bins were there, in my opinion, some people would be too lazy to go to the bin to dispose of their rubbish.

Totally satisfied with this move I am now appealing to President Ramotar to assign Mr Benn as Home Affairs Minister, so that this dreaded noise situation with transportation and the unheard cries of Guyanese all over this country will no longer fall on deaf ears, but will be dealt with without fear, favour or friendship.

Every time I read about the plight of my fellow Guyanese, especially how they are suffering in their homes, it disgusts me. The Home Affairs Minister is not waking up so he should demit office.

Yours faithfully,
S Mohabeer

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