I wish to thank you for publishing my letter in the May 5, edition of your newspaper. Having noted your comments which you attached to my letter, I wish to reiterate that the Stabroek News, in refusing to publish two press releases sent from the Government Information Agency (GINA) which defended its position regarding the predetermined and unjustified cut to its budgetary allocation for 2013 by the combined opposition, is an attack on freedom of expression.

My reasons for so concluding are detailed in the letters I sent; reasons of which you are not unmindful. Further, I disagree with your position that GINA should not and cannot defend itself in the face of such threats to its existence. The right of a defence is enshrined to all.

I find it extremely unfortunate that a media house of your stature with the self-related pride which you have never hesitated to demonstrate, would forthrightly pronounce that GINA should remain silent in such circumstances. The advocacy of such silence seems convenient when you professed in the past that the operations of your newspaper were threatened.

Yours faithfully,
Neaz Subhan

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