Dear Editor,

‘GuySuCo executive chairman likely to earn $2.5M a month’ (SN, June 11).  My first thoughts are that what was left of judgment and conscience in the ruling molehill is now irretrievably lost; and lost too are any marbles that had somehow remained.

To pay anyone $2.5 million in a cash-strapped, struggling, market squeezed entity is beyond an abomination.  It plain stinks.  There is no issue with paying fair remuneration, but I say let it be performance based.  Or stated differently, it should be results oriented and back-end loaded.  I think that such a compensation package arrangement would be reasonable and above board, all circumstances considered.  Anything to the contrary would be just another obscenity, in an endless parade of obscenities.

In the same vein, it should be said that any conscientious, honourable, and patriotic Guyanese would ‒ should ‒ experience severe afflictions of mind and character in being associated with, or accepting, such splendid bounties that the industry and country could ill afford.  Why, many citizens could hardly pay the light bill, and this is at current rates.

When all things are weighed evenly, this is merely one more lash of the cat on a cowed and silenced populace.  In the meantime, rewarding and rewarded comrades are encouraged to have a jolly time grabbing and spending and celebrating.

Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall

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