There should also be an inquiry into the death of Satyadeow Sawh and others

Dear Editor,

As one who served in the public sector for many years, and follows unfolding events, I was glad to hear that our government has agreed to an international enquiry into the circumstances surrounding the sudden death of Dr Walter Rodney. I assume the whole idea is to seek truth, justice and bring some sort of closure to a troubling episode in our history. This is very important if our young people are to be allowed to inhale fresh ideas and to exhale.

However, the government must also, at the same time, not later, have a proper inquiry into the death of  former minister Satyadeow Sawh, family members and employee; the death of Monica Reece; the Phantom Squad murders; the killing of the Bacchus brothers.

The route the state and parliament should go, is to have a proper ‘Truth Commission’ with legal guarantee and appropriate amnesties.

If we wish to open a Pandora’s Box that’s okay, but not be selective.

Yours faithfully,
Eric Mosely

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