Celebration planned for Cummings Lodge Secondary School 50th anniversary

Dear Editor,

I would like to take some time off from political analysis to sensitize you and readers about the 50th anniversary of the Cummings’ Lodge Government Secondary School (CLGSS). Most persons must have gleaned from my many letters that I was a student of the school from 1965 to 1970. I brushed shoulders with outstanding folks like Robeson Benn, Manniram Prashad, Jerome Khan, Clyde Munday, Hamlet Hope, Ronald Balkissoon, Bibi Amna (Adele) Karim and the late Shri Prakash Chand Gossai, just to name a few. Incidentally, only yesterday I read that a monument was unveiled at the refurbished Indian Monument Gardens located at Camp Street, Georgetown, to honour the life and work of the late Shri Prakash.

Well, something is brewing in New York. The old students of CLGSS are presently planning a 50th anniversary Alumni Reunion dinner and dance in recognition of the school’s existence. The activity is scheduled for the 31st August, 2013 in New York. A magazine highlighting the school and students is also in preparation, and the planning committee has asked me to help with the design and layout of the magazine.

Fifty years of old students from the school are quite a lot, but the amount of persons aware of our existence is just a handful.

It is hoped that the publication of this letter will get the attention of many old students, who are scattered all over the diaspora. Many of the students have excelled in different careers and spheres of life. The organizing committee will enjoy knowing about them and making contact. We are in the process of gathering articles and photographs of these great students for inclusion in the magazine.
There is still an opening to submit articles, school days photographs, etc, on any topic of choice.

This is a fresh start for the CLGSS alumni group, so there is no web presence at this time. We are hoping that one can tell the other so as to popularize the movement. The alumni are also planning a reunion scheduled for next year at the school in Guyana. Recent information and photographs of the school indicate that a lot can be done for the school. Proceeds of the magazine and dance will go towards helping the school. For instance, in the sixties the building and the cricket field were in pristine condition. The alumni will be looking at ways to help in regaining the standards.
All previous students are asked to contact us. It will be a pleasure if those in New York can support the magazine and dance.

There are opportunities to place ads and submit donations to the CLGSS cause. More information can be had by contacting Zarena Alli at zarena53@gmail.com and yours truly at forbes_s@hotmail.com

Yours faithfully,
F Skinner

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