Surujbally did not respond to content

Dear Editor,

Chairman Surujbally in his response – see SN of August 7 ‒ to my letter of August 6, has stated that most of the deficiencies highlighted should have been directed to the former CEO, Mr G Boodoo. What he is conveniently forgetting is that he always responded with alacrity to all my correspondence to him ‒ some 100 items – and not to content, but to correct syntax and grammar, eg, commas, etc. He has also forgotten to mention that he had on numerous occasions at our commission meetings said he would respond, and has also forgotten his favourite outburst to me: “Leave my boys alone – they are the technicians. Let them do their work.”

We now have to move forward with the “other boys” – that I guarantee.

Yours faithfully,
Dr K Mangal

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