Weights and measures malpractices should be reported to GNBS inspectors

Dear Editor,

I make reference to a letter published in your letters column of Friday August 16, 2013 captioned ‘Short weight in Essequibo markets’ and wish to make this response to the letter writer Mr Baliram Persaud.

I wish to inform the writer that the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) is responsible for coordinating the National Weights and Measures Programme which involves the verification of all weighing and measuring devices countrywide.  The verification of devices used in commerce is done twice yearly during the periods of January to March and July to September, respectively.  It should be noted that although these devices are verified some vendors and shop-keepers are manipulating their devices to cheat consumers.  As a result, whenever these malpractices are detected, consumers must object to such practices and report same to the GNBS inspectors in the region so the necessary enforcement action could be taken accordingly.

The said matter is currently being investigated by the GNBS and the appropriate action would be taken against the vendor involved if found culpable.

The GNBS wishes to inform consumers that they should be vigilant when making purchases and ensure that they are being sold in metric quantities as the devices are verified in metric units.

Yours faithfully,
Evadnie Enniss
Executive Director (ag)
Guyana National Bureau of

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