Anger at Guyana’s substandard performance in the final CPL match

Dear Editor,

I crave your indulgence in allowing me space to ventilate my anger and displeasure at Guyana’s substandard performance in the final CPL match against Jamaica. The theme for the CPL matches was, ‘We come out to play.’ It was abundantly clear Saturday night that Guyana did not come out to play. Their performance on the field was most humiliating. The late famous commentator BL Crombie would often say, “It is not the winning that is so important but it’s how you play the game.” I was never so dejected watching the madness of Guyana’s team management. Jamaica did not win this game; it was gifted to them by Guyana. It was simply bizarre watching Sarwan tamper with the batting line-up.

How in God’s precious name could Sarwan send Sunil Naraine and Ramdhin before Franklyn or himself? In the entire series Ramdhin showed no form, so no confidence could be bestowed on him to do a good job for Guyana; was Sarwan afraid to go out and bat? It certainly looked that way. As Captain, Sarwan was expected to lead from the front but instead he panicked, and was trembling in his boots. His captaincy in the penultimate match was simply brilliant, but all his good works in that final match and the entire series went out the window. Such gross ineptitude by Guyana’s management is simply unforgiveable and unacceptable.


Yours faithfully,
Ricky Lowe

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