African leaders should address the reality within the African collective

Dear Editor,

I had stopped contributing to the letter columns of all the newspapers because I got the impression that the print media editors felt I was being too critical of the Black collective. However, when I read Dr David Hinds’ contribution in Stabroek News of August 27, I was heartened, because I had concluded that I was the lone unwelcome voice imploring the Black collective to take responsibility for our own destiny, to recognize the legacy of our forefathers. I have always advocated that we should not envy the other ethnic groups for what they have achieved. Each ethnic group has its own culture and that is their right. Blacks have a rich culture. But when we begin to look ‘outside’ to tell us what to do ‘inside’ we insult our heritage. So, like Dr Hinds, I want join in the call to our African leaders to wake up and address the reality within the African collective. We can be strong and progressive by our own efforts.

Yours faithfully,
Godfrey Skeete

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