Dear Editor,

I pen this letter in total disgust at the contents of a story in your Tuesday August 15 edition (‘Pregnant mother loses baby during labour at GPH…’). Much of what was reported as being said by me is not true.

I never referred to any nurse as a “pig in nurse clothes.” I mentioned that a nurse was very crude but I did not go into derogatory remarks.

Also, it would have been unfair for me to say that no one from the hospital offered me any support after my traumatic experience. I did get a lot of support from officials at the institution.

Editor, your report is riddled with falsehoods and I wish that you would retract the statements which are but a figment of the imagination of your reporter all in her effort to sell a newspaper. This has placed additional stress on my emotions as I struggle to come to grips with what I would term a life-changing experience.

Yours faithfully,
Eslyn Wangija
Editor’s note
Stabroek News stands by the report.

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