No cash prize for the over fifty-fives in the 10k road race?

Dear Editor,

I read in the newspapers of August 29 that there are prizes for 16-19 years age group in the Neal and Massy 10K Road Race and Fitness Walk., I would like to know if 16 year-olds are being paid cash, because this is against the international rules. What will be the damage for a sixteen-year running a 10K on the road?  I have been running since the late President Forbes Burnham used to start the race at Belfield and it ended at Homestretch Avenue.

Mr Hutson who was the past president of the Guyana Masters Association is in charge of the race. Last year Mr Boyce was in charge and the fifty-five and over athletes received cash. I would like to know if we are discriminated against because of age. What does Doctor Norton have to say on this matter? I am disappointed with Mr Hutson. What a sad day for the Masters in Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Lawrence De Freitas

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