Brassington should answer questions from the people

Dear Editor,

This refers to the letter published by Kaieteur News from Christopher Ram under the caption ‘Brassington dodged… questions…’ One suspects that Stabroek News is awaiting legal advice before publishing that letter, in which Mr Ram suggests on many grounds that society should be protected from Mr Brassington.

If what Mr Ram says is true, Mr Brassington should be disciplined for misdirecting public money, and any agreements he made on Amaila are null and void. If what Mr Ram says is untrue, he has said it in print, and both he and the publisher should be sued for libel. To protect his own reputation and that of his several employers, Mr Brassington must instigate such legal proceedings now.

But Mr Brassington is indeed already on trial, in the court of public opinion. He is not only entitled, he is obliged, to lead a defence, for continued silence or bluster would be an admission of guilt. To retain any credibility as a public servant, he must now show evidence of the way he safeguarded the nation’s money, past, present and future. Of course he is innocent until proved guilty, but justice must be seen to be done.

Personal attacks on the questioner will not do. If Mr Brassington does not answer Mr Ram’s questions to the satisfaction of the public, he is unfit for office and an embarrassment to the government. Let him answer quickly, for the whole of Guyana will be looking to the government to remove the mounting embarrassment. I sincerely hope it can do so by ordering Mr Brassington to truthfully answer questions from the people, including Mr Ram’s. For a start.

Yours faithfully,
Gordon Forte

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