Dear Editor,

I read Ms. Manbodh’s letter in your newspaper yesterday.   It is indeed sad what is happening to our animals on the roadways.  Recently my husband and I observed that many horses are being struck down and left to die on the East Coast.  Where are the owners of these horses?  No one claims them and they are left to suffer, die and rot on the roadways!  It is indeed sad when you see the foal distressing over the loss of their mother.  Owners of these horses and any other animals on the whole need to take control of their animals; they need to be more compassionate.  I can’t comprehend how some human beings can be so unkind and cruel to any animal.  While the owners are at fault for having their animal roaming the roadways, commuters/drivers also have to be alert and apply the five ‘Cs’ they learn during their driving lessons.  Some drivers seem to have fun striking down an animal.  It is really heart-rending to see so many dead animals daily.  Owners and drivers need to take responsibility.  The few animal lovers who are trying to help suffering animals have their work cut out for them.  Ms. Manbodh did not say what happened to the second dog that was euthanized.  It will be interesting to know what happened so members of the public can know the stress one has to endure to do the right thing all because the rightful owner of these animals neglected to do what is right! Kudos to Ms. Manbodh and Maria for the work they are doing.

Yours faithfully,
Peggy Singh

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