The AFC needs to get its message out as it has got lost

Dear Editor,

I am switching my support from the PPP/C to the AFC. The People’s Progressive Party/Civic and A Partnership for National Unity are not practising consensus politics.

They prefer to play at politics and continue the politics of attrition or the politics of ‘who on top.’ They are trying to stalemate each other so that is why there is gridlock in Parliament.

Meanwhile, the Alliance for Change (AFC) is trying very hard to change the political landscape by ending the racial politics of the past.

Thus, the AFC is practising conflict resolution. I still need to learn more about the AFC policies.

Don’t worry, I am just a letter-writer from the UK so I know that I have no influence in Guyana, and I don’t think my move will be pulling any votes.

The AFC took a hammering recently with the move by some of its overseas members in New York to the APNU.

We wish them good luck and at the same time I hope we best them at the polls. The AFC needs to regroup and get the message out there about what they/we are about as the message has gotten lost.

Yours faithfully,
Sean McLean

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