Are statements for the Rodney Commission of Inquiry being collected before the commission has been announced?

Dear Editor,

A Commission of Inquiry under the laws of Guyana, falls under an Act of Parliament Chapter 19:03. It is a poor law but it has certain rules.  The President must issue a “commission” and make it public.

This “commission” must be published in the Official Gazette. It must name one or more commissioners, state the subject of the inquiry and some other features.  In these times there will be a high level announcement to all the media. It must start in transparency so that it can be transparent throughout.

The President of Guyana announced on June 13, 2013  that he would appoint a Commission of Inquiry into the killing of Dr Walter Rodney.

The President is entitled to appoint the vommission at his own discrete convenience.  There is nothing in the version of the Commission of Inquiries Act that I have seen making the President act within any time limit.

Having waited thirty-three years for this announcement, we all have a duty to see that it proceeds  under the highest standards available.

Except the commission when it meets decides differently, all steps must be announced publicly.

The news that there are individuals approaching Dr Rodney’s colleagues in Guyana and seeking statements for a commission not yet announced and gazetted is disquieting.

All I say at this point is that the reported procedures  seem to be cutting corners without the support of law and are wholly unnecessary. I hope that some official with the authority will reassure the public about the status of these reports.


Yours faithfully,  
Eusi Kwayana

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