Rohee is duty bound to report what he knows of connections between politicians and criminals to the police

Dear Editor,

I refer to Minister Clement Rohee’s recent public statement carried by many sections of the media.

Mr Rohee lays blame for Guyana’s crime situation squarely with the opposition parties and strongly implies that criminal activity is being directed by the political opposition. In fact, the Minister states that ties between the political opposition and criminals, “is a well established fact.”

Such statements from a Minister, moreso the Minister of Home Affairs are surprising given his portfolio, power and legal duty to take action if he truly believes his own assertions.

I will ignore Mr Rohee’s personal attacks against opposition leaders and his unsubstantiated negative characterisations of their actions. Such are obvious in their intent and not worth the effort of a response.

At best, they represent his personal opinions to which he is entitled.

On the other hand, Minister Rohee’s statements on his knowledge of ties between criminals and members of the opposition parties, is another matter. He posits that we are experiencing “guided criminality.” He further asserts that there are rogue law enforcement elements, being guided by political minds, which must be rooted out.

Editor, I venture to remind the Minister that as a citizen and moreso, the Minister of Home Affairs, he is duty and legally bound to report his knowledge of such links between political minds and criminals to the police, so action can be taken. Failure to do so may itself be a criminal offence. At best it is irresponsible and unethical.

I can only conclude that if the Minister does not or cannot report such knowledge to the police, then he is either misleading the public about what he knows or is himself guilty of withholding this information, much to the detriment of the public.

Yours faithfully,
Mark DaCosta

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