Digicel’s constant messages to customers to have credit topped up from overseas are offensive

Dear Editor,

We are impressed by Digicel’s swift response to customer complaints against unsolicited text messages. Now I wish to complain against the same company’s constant texts and notifications urging customers to have their credit topped up from overseas.

I have called Customer Care about it, but they tell me these messages can’t be blocked.

Granted that most Guyanese have relatives abroad that are often better off than we are, but not all of us wish to be begging them for gifts of cellphone credit. It is more than inconvenient to have to read these daily messages, it is offensive that Digicel represents us as a set of international mendicants so we can pay for their services.

It reflects badly on a phone company to be constantly spamming its own subscribers. Insulting your customers is a good way to lose them.

Yours faithfully,
Angie Rado

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