No dentist registered in Lichfield

Dear Editor,

In Sunday Stabroek of October 13, there is a feature on Lichfield written by Miss Shabna Ullah.

The second sentence of the first paragraph states, inter alia, “Some have established businesses like gold mining, while others are employed as teachers, nurses, dentists and clerks.”

Dentists? Would Miss Ullah be so kind as to clarify that statement because as far as the Dental Council is aware there is no dentist registered in Lichfield.

The Dental Council once again takes this opportunity to remind the general population that only dentists registered with the Council are legally allowed to practise in Guyana.

There are innumerable ‘quacks’ operating in Guyana and we urge all citizens to ask for evidence or registration as a dentist before subjecting themselves to treatment.

Yours faithfully,
Dr Ovid Isaacs
Dental Council of Guyana

Editor’s note
There is indeed no registered dentist in Lichfield, although a dental technician lives there. We apologise for the error.

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