Harry Ramsaroop’s name will resonate throughout the country for the home’s humanitarian work

Dear Editor,

I have just read the sad news of the passing of Mr Harry Ramsaroop of the Dharm Shala `Home of Benevo-lence for all races’.

We met  for the first time through the Bel Air Lions Club outreach work. His organization is a household name for its humanitarian programme  which amongst other aids provides a home for the elderly and poor. One could not help but observe his humbleness as he interacted with the residents of the home. His charitable organization will be recorded in the annals of Guyana’s history as an example of charity with a human face.

I recall that many years ago he and his daughter were stranded on the East Bank road and my wife and I gave him a lift to his home. He kept apologizing for what he felt was an inconvenience for us. I had to remind him of my/our first acquaintance where he’d insisted that we take a tour of the entire building .His words then were “People giving assistance must see what we are doing”.

He’s gone but his name will resonate not only amongst the residents in Albouystown but the entire country for the Home’s humanitarian work.  Deepest condolences  to his family.

Yours faithfully,


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