Buses a nuisance to Hadfield St residents

Dear Editor,

Can the relevant authorities kindly inform the residents of Hadfield Street between Louisa Row and Winter Place if this area has been designated a new bus park? For the past four years we have had to endure about four to six 26-seater buses dubbed “Shower of Blessings” parked around the avenue on either side on any given time of the day or night, blocking residents from parking in front of their own residence.

Numerous complaints have been made to both the Traffic Authority and the Mayor and City Council but no one seems to care about the plight of the residents. At night, people fall prey to bandits who use the seclusion created by these buses to their advantage. Further, to cross the road from the avenue, pedestrians are forced to literally step into the path of on-coming traffic to establish whether or not the road is clear since the buses completely block the road from sight.

Even the community projects to clean up the avenue prove futile because the garbage from the buses is dumped in the avenue and drains by the drivers when they park the buses. What is worse is that the mechanic that works on the buses on the roadside in the shade of the avenue’s trees dumps his waste oil into the drains as well.

The time has come and passed for the owner of these vehicles who has “GDF Special” displayed on some of his buses to find somewhere else to park. We are appealing for the relevant authorities to urgently intercede on our behalf in this matter.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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