It was nature that stopped the Amaila project

Dear Editor,

The press stated that the joint Parliamentary opposition halted the Amaila Hydro Electricity Project.

But in reality it was nature who stopped it by having dried up the Amaila Falls. Nature through its own volition or free will took its course, or as Shakespeare pertinently puts it: “Nature took what course thou will’.

For centuries man has been fighting against the vagaries of nature. Relative to our geography and geology, the Kuribrong River site was unsuited for the construction of the Hydro Project. Nature has convinced us that the joint opposition was right all the way now that the falls has dried up.

The nation, specifically the taxpayers should be grateful to nature for having averted a gigantic debt of millions of US dollars which would have been spent on the construction of the project.

Thank you exceedingly Nature.

Yours faithfully,

George Carrington

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