Several issues of concern at Kwakwani

Dear Editor,

Please arrange for a reporter to talk to some of the elected representatives of Kwakwani to respond to an article which was recently published.

The following are some of the issues we will be raising:

-The primary school is without a head teacher because the house repairs began when school reopened and some teachers are inconvenienced because the teachers’ hostel is likewise being repaired.

-The state-of-the-art ambulance which was given to Kwakwani has been down for months and is parked in the open in the Ituni Hospital compound.

-The multi-million dollar water pipe project has not been completed.

– There is an increase in water-borne diseases because the community is still using the old water system that was laid since the community was established.

-The new pitched road which was laid broke up before it was completed.

-Residents have volunteered to build a shed for the fire tender and volunteer as fire-fighters when there is a fire.

– There is an expanding community where most are not paying any taxes, including those to the IMC, because of property valuations.

-The majority of the community have rejected the imposition of an IMC and are prepared to wait on local government elections.

[The names and numbers of the Elected Community Group have been supplied.]

Yours faithfully,

Jocelyn Morian


Elected Community Group

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