The proposed bout between Elton Dharry and Jamaican Rudolph Hedge is off.

According to Dharry he was recently informed that the Jamaican would not be fighting him.

“His management team turned that fight down so I am looking forward to getting one of the Mexican contenders here in Guyana. Hopefully I can get them,” he told Stabroek Sport.

Asked the reason given by Hedge’s management team, Dharry said: “I was getting bashed in the media for being afraid and today we find out that his management did not want him to fight me because he is not ready. He is not an experienced enough fighter to fight me so they are claiming that I am too strong and too experienced for him. But hopefully, in the future he gets up there and we could get it out of the way.”

Elton Dharry
Elton Dharry

Dharry said the fight against Hedge would not have done anything meaningful for his career. “I just wanted to shut him up and shut up a few people.  Shut the critics up, the people who believed that I was afraid, and the people who think that I can’t beat him. I just want to beat him and prove a point and just shut him up,” he reiterated.

Dharry said he is hoping that he can convince the top Mexican fighters in February for his next promotion.

“I just want to be one of the top fighters in the World and come back to Guyana and compete with Guyanese fighters and fighters from here in the Caribbean. I just want to do more than them in boxing.”

Asked whether he will be able to convince a Mexican boxer to come to Guyana in just over a month Dharry said: “Mexicans are true fighters. They will agree to things that you will not agree to. They just want to fight. “They are tough-skinned guys and relentless in the ring. They want to prove something in the ring like myself. I am pretty sure that one of them will accept a fight with me here in Guyana.”

He said that with the support of the people and the Guyana Boxing Board of Control anything is possible.
For February’s card, Dharry will be collaborating with Pearl Vodka once again in promoting the event.

“Pearl Vodka has been my sponsor for the last two fights and I just want to say thanks to them for coming to help push the sport in Guyana.”
According to the boxer, this time around the promotional aspect of the card will be more organised with critical aspects being taken care of much earlier.
The last card, `Night of Champions’ which was a collaborative effort among Dharry, Leon ‘Hurry up’ Moore and Pearl Vodka was poorly organised with not a lot of promotion done before the fight.

“I did not have much time in this promotion maybe three or four days of promotion. People were not really aware of there being a fight until I got here and started promoting. This time we will be better prepared. We have learnt a lot from this and that show will be a better show.”

Owner of the Pearl Vodka brand, Pearl Shivlochan said this time around more will be done to not only push her brand but also boxing.

According to her, while her product will be officially launched in Guyana in June, a more aggressing marketing strategy will start in a few weeks.
“Going forward with boxing I would like to be a partner with Elton Dharry, since I will be exclusive contracted to him in boxing,” she said.

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