GFA red-carding K&S tournament

- Aubrey `Shanghai’ Major; says K&S will not budge from planned Court action if favourable outcome is not arrived at

Co-founder of the Kashif and Shanghai (K&S) Organization, Aubrey ‘Shanghai’ Major is adamant that some executives of the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) are envious and instead of carrying out their mandate, they are devoted to red carding the long running tournament.

“Mr. (Vernon) Burnett should be ashamed to say that he has a mandate to run football in Georgetown and in Guyana

Aubrey  Major
Aubrey Major

because since last year these same guys have never run off a completed tournament junior or senior,” Major, a former organizing secretary of the GFF charged.

Major maintained that the sole purpose of the association is to run football at all levels, from under 13 to senior but that is not happening.

“To me the association has turned to promoting or they are carrying out the mandate of a promotional entity.

“I feel there is a collaborative effort between the GFF and the GFA to rule out our tournament because they were advertising months ago before they even wrote to the GFF, they are conspiring not to give us the tournament this year,” Major claimed.

Major boasted that there was no entity that can match K&S.

“In terms of what we have done for football in Guyana over the past 23 years but what is going on right now will only benefit a few. There is no way this is going to benefit the majority of the players, fans and other stakeholders.

“They (GFF) don’t want to solve the problem, I feel they already made a decision as to who they want to give the tournament to and all this is just happening out of envy for our Organization, I think the clubs should get rid of them.”

The K&S co-founder also contended that: “Troy Mendonca’s tenure as head of the GFA was vastly superior to Burnett’s. What are they doing for football?” asked Major.

Major also reiterated that the Kashif and Shanghai Organisation is remaining firm on its stance for a legal battle if a favourable decision by the GFF is not made for their year-end tourney.


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