R Kelly excited to perform here

It’s hard to determine who’s more excited about R&B singer R Kelly performing live at the ‘Redemption Concert’ which will be hosted at the Guyana National Stadium – R Kelly or his local fans.

In a telephone interview aired on HJ television, Kelly said he is excited about his first performance not only in Guyana but in South America and is looking forward to covering “new territory” come October 19.

The multi Grammy award winner exclaimed, “It’s an unbelievable feeling because its new territory to cover and I love doing that… I heard I got a lot of fans down there too!”


Morgan Heritage
Morgan Heritage

Hits and Jams Entertainment’s Director, Kerwin Bollers, on a panel along with Odinga Lumumba of McNeal Enterprise and Steve Ninvalle of Khalsan PR Inc as well as radio personality Gordon Moseley interviewed the singer.

R Kelly is expected to arrive in Guyana on October 18, 2013 and will be performing the following evening at the Guyana National Stadium. Also performing at that concert will be Morgan Heritage, Kes the Band and KI and the JMC 3Veni Band.

Asked about putting together his running order, Kelly admitted that this is the most challenging task. “That can be the hardest thing in the world; putting together a show. That’s why I like taking my time in putting together a show. I’ve been lucky and blessed to do all this music but now the challenge is to put it all together on stage but I always manage to do it,” he said.

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