Man jailed for ganja trafficker says only crime was ‘smoking lil weed’

Christopher Jupiter will be spending the next three years behind bars after he was found guilty of drug trafficking in a city court yesterday.

However, Jupiter, 38, told the court that the only thing he was guilty of was “…smoking lil weed.” He was nabbed by police with 15 grammes of marijuana on Vlissingen Road.  The amount of cannabis in Jupiter’s possession is the minimum for a drug trafficking charge.

According to Prosecutor Joel Ricknauth, police ranks attached to the Tactical Service Unit were on patrol on March 16, when they observed Jupiter acting in a suspicious manner while he was walking along the road. Ricknauth added that the ranks approached the defendant and conducted a search, during which they found the seeds, leaves and stems, suspected cannabis, in the front left pocket of his pants. Jupiter was told of the allegation, arrested and charged with drug trafficking.

Although Jupiter had maintained his innocence of having the illegal substance in his possession, a police witness testified otherwise yesterday and Magistrate Judy Latchman informed Jupiter that she found him guilty and imposed the minimum sentence. The magistrate also informed Jupiter of his right to appeal the sentence.

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