Mason accused of choking and slapping wife, granted bail

A 23-year-old mason of Grant Paradise, Lower Pomeroon River was yesterday placed on bail after he was charged with assaulting his wife on two occasions.

Mark Samuels appeared before Magistrate Sunil Scarce at the Charity Magistrate’s Court charged with unlawfully assaulting his wife, Cindy Samuels.

According to the facts, on April 7, at their home at Grant Paradise, Mark asked Cindy if she wanted to go by his sister. She said no and an argument ensued and he dealt her several slaps and choked her. It was futher alleged that on April 11, Mark Samuels was under the influence of alcohol when he verbally abused and choked Cindy Samuels.

He pleaded not guilty to both charges and was granted bail in the sum of $30,000 on both counts of assault. He was not represented and asked the magistrate for one week to get a lawyer.

The case will be called again on April 28 in the Charity Magistrate’s Court.

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