Energy authority launches booklet

The Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) has distributed the energy activity booklet titled What is Energy? to four primary schools aimed at raising awareness about energy efficiency and conservation.

The recipient schools: St Angela’s Primary, St Margaret’s Primary, Stella Maris Primary and Mae’s Primary each received 35 copies of the booklet, a press release said. The project stemmed from the GEA’s mandate to promote and disseminate information about energy efficiency, conversation and the development and utilization of renewable sources of energy.

What is Energy? was created to foster discussions within classrooms and to encourage further learning through an entertaining medium. The booklet was designed in keeping with the four core subjects: Math, English, Science and Social Studies, with energy as the common theme.

According to the press release, the four recipient schools participated in the pilot exercise prior to the launching of the booklet; with their input augmenting the content and ensuring that it appealed to the core target group of children from grades four to six. Recommendations received from teachers and students were incorporated into the final publication, the GEA said.

The GEA extended gratitude to the participants for their invaluable support of the project and hoped that it would inform habits regarding the conservation of energy. The booklet can be downloaded from the agency’s website

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