Kaneville chopping victim succumbed to internal bleeding, autopsy finds

-brother to face murder charge

A post-mortem examination performed on the remains of Jairam Teekaram has found that he died of internal bleeding caused by severe lacerations, his son said yesterday.

Jairam’s brother, Rohan Teekaram, who is the main suspect in the murder is expected to appear today at the Providence Magistrate’s Court to be charged with the murder.

Jairam’s body was found in the yard of his Kaneville, East Bank Demerara home with chop marks about his body. According to information received from residents, the two brothers were always fighting, especially when they were drunk.

Jairam, also known as ‘Nasho,’ 40, of 253 Kaneville is believed to have been murdered sometime early Monday morning after having an argument with his brother in their one-room shack.

Jairam Teekaram
Jairam Teekaram

Police, in a statement, said they discovered several chop marks about his body and they had arrested one person in connection with his killing to help with their investigations.

A neighbour, Lizzy said she was awakened around 1 am by the sound of Jairam’s voice and she heard his brother shouting at him to get out of the house if he did not have any money. She said she heard Rohan beating Jairam but did not do anything because it was a norm for the two men to fight.

Later that morning, she said, she did not see Jairam but saw his brother leaving for work. He returned home that afternoon, made dinner and went to sleep. “This morning [Tuesday] around 6:30 he got up and do the same but is till when my husband went into the backyard to go to the toilet that he saw a foot and he get worried and start ask if anyone see Nasho but nobody did so he went to his son’s house in Diamond and he said that he didn’t see him for a while so he come back home and when we all peep we see it was Nasho’s body and we call the police and they come and collect the body and went and collect his Rohan at his work place in Diamond,” Lizzy said.

She said his body was discovered hidden under a piece of vinyl. Jairam’s son Chris Teekaram said he received a call from one of his father’s neighbours, who broke the news to him. He related that when he went to the house, the floor was covered in blood and his father’s body was a few feet away from the door, hidden under a piece of vinyl. He said he was sickened to hear that his uncle “kill me father and eat and sleep in the place like he ain’t do nothing.”




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