Son claims self defence in step-father’s murder

Murder accused Anthony George, who is indicted for killing his step-father Ralph Jacobs, told a jury yesterday that he collected the knife he used to kill the man because he was afraid of him.

George is on trial before Justice Dawn Gregory and a 12-member jury at the High Court for the December 2008 murder in Better Hope.

Jacobs, who resided at Victoria Road, Plaisance, died from a single stab wound in theregion of the heart.

George led his defence yesterday by taking the stand in the witness box, where he was later cross-examined by state attorney Natasha Backer.

He recounted that his sister and mother were constantly beaten by Jacobs whenever he was intoxicated. On the day Jacobs was killed, he said he was trying to stop the man from beating his brother.

He said he saw his step-father abusing his brother and tried to stop him immediately but they ended up in a fight. George related that Jacobs lashed him across the head with a bottle and he felt threatened and that he would be hurt further. He said he retaliated and stabbed him with a knife that he collected from his friend, ‘Scales.’

Under cross-examination, George denied telling an arresting officer that he stabbed his step-father because he made advances on his sister. He said he was in a position where he could not save himself and therefore responded in self defence.

When Backer asked him if he collected the knife to kill his step-father, he paused before saying yes. “So you did not stab your step-father because you were afraid of him, you stabbed him to get back at him for the way he treated your brother and sister,” Backer declared, causing George to shake his head in denial.

Defence Attorney Sonia Parag closed her case after George was further questioned by the jury. Both attorneys are expected to present their closing addresses today.

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