Friendship man shot in robbery

A thirty-four-year-old cement worker was shot and robbed in an attack by two assailants on Saturday night as he was making his way home in Friendship, East Bank Demerara.

Anthony Johnson told Stabroek News yesterday that he was heading to his 46 Undivided Dam home around 23:00hrs on Saturday night when he noticed two suspicious-looking men walking behind him.

Johnson said he initially dismissed the men, but became concerned after he looked back several times and noticed that they were walking more and more “aggressive.” He said he started to walk faster as his suspicion grew, and eventually burst into a run after he was sufficiently certain that the men were after him.

Johnson said he ran several feet and was about to turn a corner when he heard three gunshots, and had a strange feeling in his right thigh. He subsequently fell to the ground, after which he realised that he had been shot. “Dis is the fus time I geh shoot bai,” the injured man related from his bed at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

He said that he kept his head after he fell down as he was sure that his pursuers would shoot him again when they caught up with him. Instead, the men relieved him of his watch and seven thousand dollars and left him lying on the road. Johnson said that he waited several minutes before dragging himself onto the side of the road and calling for help.

He was taken to the hospital a little after midnight for treatment, although he was never admitted until late yesterday afternoon. When Stabroek News spoke to the man yesterday the bullet had not yet been removed from his thigh.

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