Bandits cart off safes from Superbet centre

Four bandits lugged off two safes from the Superbet Sport Betting branch on Hinck Street early yesterday morning and three men have since been held by police.

A source told Stabroek News that the thieves were in the building from 12:50 am to around 2:50am.

Stabroek News was unable to ascertain the amount of money in the stolen safes at the time of the robbery.

The source, however, told this newspaper that the men, who were spotted with a giant pliers, a crowbar and an unidentified sturdy metal object, made sure that the security cameras were dismantled before proceeding to hijack the safes.

According to the source, the men were well covered in rags, stockings and socks.

It was only after the robbery that ranks from the GEB Security Services arrived at the site. Their motion detectors did not detect the robbers and it was only after a considerable amount of commotion that they were alerted to the theft.

When Stabroek News visited the complex at midday yesterday, which also houses an internet café, hotel, clothing store and food court, it appeared to be business as normal.

Meanwhile, ‘A’ Division Commander Clifton Hicken confirmed that three men were in custody assisting with the investigation.

The robbery comes just two weeks after the Superbet Sport Betting branch at Alexander Village was held up at gunpoint by two men.

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