Why the attempt to dethrone Matthias?

Dear Editor,

I commend Mr Wayne Forde, President of Fruta Conquerors for publicly stating in your newspaper on April 3 that he is not in support of a no-confidence motion against the President of the GFF, Mr Matthias. It is public knowledge that the two associations – East Coast and East Bank – which allegedly filed the no-confidence motion, recently had their respective elections which resulted in new office holders. I commend these associations for executing an election involving the democratic process. This process did however present the opportunity for individuals of the previous football regime to skilfully manoeuvre their way into the associations and hold influential positions. So the question is, why would they venture to attempt to dethrone the president of the GFF and they have not even served their associations for six months as yet? Why are they so afraid of Mr Matthias at the GFF? Is he not working fast enough to get rid of the massive debt he inherited from years of mismanagement by his predecessors?  It is clear to see that their plans do not augur well for the development of the sport they profess to love.

In my estimation the president is doing an excellent job, despite all the unfortunate occurrences, the plots by wolves in sheep’s clothing, the massive debt and all other plans to frustrate his office. The business of football and its development needs people who are strong, genuine, disciplined and have a vision that will propel that positive development, and Mr Matthias is the man for the job.

Yours faithfully,
Jermaine Figueira

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