Man, brother and servant

Dear Editor,

David Hinds sees himself as Black, Guyanese and Caribbean (KN April 8).  He likes being one and all three of these things.  I shake his hand and wish him well, even as I see myself differently.

I see myself as man, brother, and servant; this is enough for me.  This is what I strive towards, succeeding at times, and failing sometimes.

I used to see myself (like David Hinds) as a Guyanese first and foremost; there was a deep indefinable pride in so identifying.

It came naturally, without effort.  Nowadays that symphony in the blood still stirs and soars, but every so often, with creeping regularity, it pales into a receding whisper empty of the old magic and a once inseparably seductive embrace.  That symphony is still unfinished….

Perhaps too much was expected; it is likely that I did not manage my own expectations properly.

Maybe too much emotion was invested in a love that is all wrong, and not meant to be.


Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall

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