Noise nuisance from Seaforth St

Dear Editor,

It was pure hell from Saturday 10th May to Monday 12th May 2014 when a wedding or some kind of event was being celebrated in Seaforth Street, Campbellville which saw the residents there and around the environs being mercilessly abused by the organizers playing extremely loud, heavy music. Even yesterday Tuesday, 13th , though the music was much toned down after the last visit at approximately 2300hrs by the police on Monday, it was still invading my residence that is located a street away.

I am not sure if this is over as the weekend approaches and the DJ whoever he is seems not to have any respect for law and order since on more than one occasion a patrol had to be summoned over and over again and the music was turned up even louder when the patrol left seconds later. It is not easy to get the patrol to return since one is always being told that the patrol had already visited.

So it is with much dissatisfaction, I am calling on the authority for a more swift response by the police when these vicious noise attacks occur, given the lateness of that hour, at least the patrol should stop the music completely, for these offenders are disrespectfully crossing their limits without a care that there is a noise nuisance law and they are treating it like one big joke.

Celebrating an event or operating a business doesn’t give anyone the authority to abuse others so heartlessly. The music must be played within the confines of their space.

It also gives me the impression that the police have no respect for themselves since they have to return to one scene over and over again. No charges are being instituted against the offenders who after being warned or made to turn the music down, show complete disregard and continue to do the same thing fearlessly.

As always I am now nursing severe pains around my neck and head, while having to deal with my own health challenges as a result of constant noise abuse. I still have to cope with a sickening booming sound invading my home every night from another entity, which on some occasions is too loud or loud enough to cause discomfort causing me to vacate my room as recent as last night, still reeling from the effects of this most recent abuse.

As the residents continue to remain silent, and continue to accept these horrible, senseless, noise abuses, I am calling on them to at least stand up and speak out for protection for their very young children and our seniors. Come on people we owe theirs and our health that much.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address supplied)

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