GPL has offered a lame excuse over the death of this boy

Dear Editor,

This is in connection with the little boy Satyanand Balkaran who was accidently shocked to death by a wire.

I am appalled at the lame excuse GPL is offering that an illegal connection was responsible. The owner of the premises has a legal connection and all bills have been paid. The wire that connects the back neighbour fell on the shed which also connects to a zinc fence. That wire was there for 5-6 months. Many complaints were made, unfortunately all complaints fell on deaf ears. As recently as a week before the lad died, the back neighbour was pleading with GPL to rectify the situation, same result.

GPL did not have the courtesy to offer any form of condolence to the Balkaran family. To rub salt in the wound they are offering a lame and unsubstantiated excuse.

However, the family is eagerly awaiting the return of Mr. Prem Persaud who is the head of the Public Utilities Commission to take further action.

Rather than rectifying the situation GPL is offering all manner of excuse.

Yours faithfully,
Rupert Balkaran
A close relative of Satyanand Balkaran


Editor’s note:
A copy of this letter is being sent to GPL for anycomment it may wish to make

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